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  • TITANnews's Information are built for 100% privacy so you can get the most out of Usenet news binaries, pictures, MP3s, and more! Download, post, and look at anything you want safely and anonymously...!

Built-in Protection: makes it easy to enjoy the wide variety of JPEG, GIF, Movie, and MP3 files posted to Usenet in complete privacy. Our servers don't keep logs. Look at and download whatever you want!

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We make it easy to say what you want whenever you want. We REMOVE ALL IDENTIFYING HEADERS and information. No other news-server do this!

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Truth on Privacy in-depth information...

The Truth about US and THEM

Your internet service provider sees in their modem logs which user is connected to each of their modems at every point of time. And they can see what modem node is using their own News-Server and what newsgroup the user on that QTmodem is reading and even what exact articles and pictures that user is downloading!

By joining TITANnews, you circumvent this, and no one can see what you are doing - not even us!

99% of news-server - except - log your activities by default! You may not have known this, but this is the truth. Yes, it's possible to turn the logging off. But nearly NO newsmasters do this, sometimes at the request of the police snooping in their country. At, your news reading activity is of course, NOT LOGGED. The main reason logging is turned off on all of our servers is to ensure your privacy. Doing this also helps us save on server resources and disk space, allowing for you more binaries and articles you love to read, look at and download! Plus, it saves us time to make the BEST News-Server there is.

Drag and drop controversial pictures to your desktop. Gorge yourself on hard-to-get MP3s and binaries.

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Completely anonymous service!

There have been cases where police snooping received permission to go through all the logs of local internet service providers to find their users who may have downloaded material posted on internet newsgroups that happened to be illegal in the specific city or country of download.

Made for Binaries Lovers by Binaries Lovers - from

Since DAY ONE, users have always been able to Read Anonymously through us and Post Anonymously. Others on Usenet will not be able to tell your identity. So feel free to post whatever you like (within the terms listed in our disclaimer). Your identity is totally hidden and protected by us! is one of the only Usenet services in the world who offers a completely dedicated anonymous Usenet server that removes absolutely all identifying information from your posts, including: From Address, NNTP Posting Host (Originating IP Address), and Username!

Detailed Information...

Some people say looking at controversial pictures on Usenet is just too risky… we say “Not Anymore!”

Introducing Anonymous Newsgroups: the perfected combo of Privacy/Speed/Storage/Groups for those tired souls who are ready to move up!

Both Binary and Text users will appreciate the anonymity. At, we believe WE should stay OUT OF your business and leave the vast world of newsgroups completely open to YOU… not the other way around.

Other features include:

  • Removal of Username from Posts
  • Removal of IP Address from Posts
  • Removal of All Other Identifying Information from Posts
  • Batch Binary Power-Downloading!
  • Anonymous Power-Posting of 100s of Files!
  • Every Controversial Newsgroup
  • We Have the Largest Binaries Storage of ANY News-Server!
  • We Actively Stand Up for Your Usenet Rights and Freedoms
  • Speed, Speed, Speed! Makes all this downloading possible!

You are welcome to read anything Usenet has you desire, and post as much as you want.


Our Recommendation: If you like controversial material, or just enjoy the freedom privacy provides while looking at pictures or movies, or are a Cable, DSL, or AOL member concerned about Privacy... We highly recommend TITANNews for YOU!

At your news reading activities are NOT logged! We don't know what you read or download and we do not care. It is up to YOU! The user must decide, we believe firmly, as our #1 goal is give our users FULL CONTROL to DO WHAT THEY PLEASE - and what makes them HAPPY! "Let the user rule the internet!" is our motto - and not oppressive governments! One way to fight is to read your news and download the binaries YOU LOVE from a server on secure ground - one that defends you and lets you do what's most important!