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FAQ and Troubleshooting

How do I Access the Newgroups?

You must use a newsreader client/program such as Free Agent to log into the newsgroups. Both and have a variety of them to choose from.

Where is the website log-in?

You can not log in to your newsgroups through our web site. Nor would you want to use your browser! Your browser keeps tabs of your activity.

Where did my favorite Newsgroup go?

We are downstream agents, and we do not restrict group availability. Meaning therefore we carry all groups that are available to us. However, if the group in question has been nulified at the point of origin, it will cease to be available to us and likewise available to you.

Why can't I access the server?

Before contacting support, here are some to do's that may resolve your connection issue:

  • First, remove your account info and re-enter it by cutting and pasting the info. (we have seen where people have accidentally transposed a letter or number.)
  • Next, Double-check your newsreader's settings: Make sure you are using port 119, parallel connections should be set to eight, and the login DOES NOT reguire authentication.
  • And lastly, it could be your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • They may be blocking or limiting access along Port 119 - Or You may have to reset your modem or have them do this for you.
  • (Another point concerning access is the use of a proxy server; If your IP address is masked, the server will not recognize the connection.)

The server seems slow - OR -Why is my download speed slow today?

The connection between you and our servers is not necessarily as direct as some, i.e., - you may be far away or the connection may be going through a slower hub/router along the way or in your area. (Speeds often get slowed traveling across the globe.)

Our speeds advertised are maximum under optimal conditions and are not guaranteed although we do make every effort to make sure data leaves our server at lightning speed. The internet is made up of hundreds of thousands of servers and gateways, the different routing structures for passing of data. It often happens that data that leaves our servers is slowed down by other internet routing hubs. You should still receive data at an adequately fast speed that should be pleasantly satisfactory, even if not at the full 600k.

What does the error "502 access denied to your node" mean?

It means that your bandwidth has been used up, or your username and password are incorrect.

What is the address of your News-Server?

The address is

How do I cancel my account?

Simply contact support and we will email easy instructions that you may follow anytime you wish.

How many newsgroups do you carry?

About 1000,000 newsgroups. This number will go up and down periodically. We carry EVERY newsgroup in existence, so we guarantee we have what you're looking for. We add new groups EVERY WEEK, and will add groups upon request if you don't see your favorite. For best performance, we delete misspelled, dead, and spam-trap groups. To see a list of newsgroups click here.

Are there any limits to posting?

Posting is UNLIMITED! There are no limits for posting, however please remember to follow the AUP and the TOS. Posting does not count towards your download limit.Just remember - follow netiquette and keep it non-spam - after that... Post and say ANYTHING you want, ALL you want, and ENJOY! is designed for different platforms and lifestyles.
Our Lightning-Fast News-Servers provide easy acess wherever you are around the world.
Broadband Usenet log in at home - at work - ANYWHERE.

Absolutely no logs kept!