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What is Usenet?

Usenet is an early form of the internet and is comprised of multiple newsgroups. Initially it was created with the intent of peer to peer sharing of information and files.

Newsgroups are broken up into subjects. These subjects range from pictures and movies to religion, celebrities to music, cooking to science research.

People who have access to newsgroups are able to both post and read the messages they wish, in both binary (pictures, MP3s, movies, etc.) and text format.

You decide what you are interested in and find newsgroups that pertain to that subject.

Say you like movies, music, or are looking for pictures on your favorite celebrities - there are 100s of groups for these and 10,000s of files posted every day - plus 100,000 other groups on everything you can imagine!

Let's say you are going through a rough divorce and you don't know what you should do!

Try searching under divorce and see what comes up! and are a couple.

All you do is click on the group and join the discussion! Read what others wrote and add your thoughts or questions.

With OVER 100,000 different groups you should be able to find just about anything you want!

Absolutely no logs kept!